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The beautiful island of IBIZA is a hugely popular international holiday destination; a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain.

IBIZA is well known for its lively nightlife in SAN ANTONIO, but it is also home to quieter villages, yoga retreats, stunning beaches and peaceful sandy coves with a backdrop of pine-covered hills found all around the coast.There is a wealth of history and culture to be found in the interior of the island.


Friday, saturday and sunday night's will have everyone glowing in UV... so dress yourself - and paint yourself - to stand out from the crowd and get ready to shine!

You won't want to miss a minute of the StepUp 2023 weekend at this truly unique venue, that is, Es Paradis.


Es Paradis nightclub has been around since the mid '70s and is one of the original features of Ibiza's nightlife.
From the outside, it's easily recognisable - the now iconic pyramid at the heart of San Antonio.

Inside,  the vast main room will take your breath away and, with multi levels, different spaces and 3 additional rooms, the venue never fails to impress.

Newly refurbished, Es Paradis has been designed with only the brightest colours and neon lights.

STEP UP FESTIVAL IBIZA 2022 summer.jpeg

How to get there

All the designated venues and hotels for the event are located in the center of San Antonio(Ibiza), which is easily accessible by bus from the airport (for around 5€) and by taxi (approx. 35€)

(Possibility of price variances)

Where to stay

All hotels are located a few metres from the San Antonio beach, where you can spend unforgettable sunny days in the company of your friends.

It is the ideal places to enjoy a pleasant, peaceful and comfortable stay, with many restaurants and bars around to choose from, all in close proximity to StepUp Festival.

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